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100% Cotton Paper

We stock 100% cotton papers by Savoy and Arturo in different weights. Usually a double thick cover stock at 220-236lb or a thinner stock at 110-120lb. These usually have some bright white and natural color stock on hand, but contact us to see what we have on hand or if we can get what you're looking for.

Custom Ink Mixing

We can mix just about any color of ink. We match just about anything you can imagine or we can use a specific Pantone color. If you can't decide on a color, there's always black. It was good enough for Gutenberg.


We prefer you send your designs to us in vector formats such as Illustrator EPS or PDF. If you're not familiar with design software, contact us for a quote on designing your print project.

Edge Painting

We can edge paint all of our stock papers, but it makes a better impact on our double thick stocks. We can match the color used in your letterpress printing, or we can mix a custom color to use for edge painting. Ask us about it! We'll answer any questions, except how we do it!